A downloadable game for Windows


Browser Version: https://msghero.itch.io/frogmetal-alchemist?secret=PrVnAxsdtxt00JguoEBbBGFMMQg

Tiles behind you are quickly transmuting away!
Race towards the goal before you fall into the abyss, with as low a time as possible.

Use IJKL to transmute a Coal Block or Coal Tile into a Gold Statue.
Similarly, you may transmute Gold Statues back into Coal Tiles (but not coal blocks).
Coal Blocks and Gold Statues will block your path, however you may walk on Coal Tiles.

The Right potion makes you invulnerable for a short period.

The Middle potion restores a number of transmuted tiles.

The Left allows you to transmute a wall tile into a floor tile one time.

The Celestial Tome doubles the time reduction of golden statues.

The more statues remain, the more time will be taken off of the clock.

Enjoy this demo, more levels in the future!

Beating the level will change the music. This music will be used for future levels.

There may be audio issues present in the Edge and Safari browsers.
Downloadable version currently only compatible with Windows

Game Design: Xendran

Programming: MSGHero

Audio: NathanLeon

Art: https://opengameart.org/content/dungeon-crawl-32x32-tiles



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